Rich Wisneski  is a NYC actor, born and bred. He has performed in several festivals including Planet Connections Theater Festivity, and The NYC and Chicago Fringe Festivals. He is a founding member of Cupcake Lady Productions, through which he has won Outstanding Sound Design and Outstanding Supporting Actor from Planet Connections Theater Festivity. He is a proud member of The Spontaneous Shakespeare Players, American Candy, and the head writer for Cupcake Lady Wrestling.

He is a director who has won Audience Favorite from the Chicago Fringe for Cage Theater’s Hit and Match. He is a published playwright whose works have been seen in The PCTF and the Bronx Zoo. He also performs with the Leave a Lasting Mark Concert Series at the renowned NYC Bitter End. He is most proud to be Laura Mae’s husband, she is the best.

“Choose life and the rest will follow” -Armand Marin