It all began when Stephanie wondered one day what it would be like to swim all the way from New York to England. She approached Laura with the idea, who flat out told her that it was impossible. She wouldn’t make it. But Stephanie was strong-willed and said that if she swam half the distance with Laura on her back, then they could switch and make it the entire way! But they needed help. Rich offered his services as a trained communicator with sharks (wouldn’t want to be eaten, you know?). Melissa offered her keen sense of direction and her psychic ability in order to guide them on their path and anticipate any coming storms…

..wait, what?

The above is a metaphor. Here’s what really happened:

Cupcake Lady Productions sprung from a much smaller seed, as most things do.
Laura Mae Baker, Melissa Meli, Stephanie Sottile and Rich Wisneski met in Theatreland, NYC* at different points in 2011. Between shows, they became nearly inseparable friends.

Stephanie had a script, and an idea for an unconventional production. She envisioned Laura Mae as her co-star, and handed her the script to read. They soon realized they’d need a director (the script was passed to Melissa) and another set of creative eyes (to Rich).

Soon, the four friends were exchanging about half a dozen scripts, devouring the stories of each one, and envisioning themselves as actors, directors, designers. (The metaphor makes sense now, right?) On August 6, 2012, they were finished reading. Laura Mae, Melissa, Rich and Stephanie met officially for the first time. As they sat in Sinatra Park in Hoboken, NJ, overlooking the Hudson River and the New York City skyline, the four agreed: to put on these plays, they needed to found a company. Cupcake Lady Productions was born.

The name, you ask? That’s a good story, too: Our Name.

*Read: they were in plays together.