Before the company was even an inkling, Laura Mae, Melissa and Stephanie would arrange Girls’ Nights. Instead of bars or clubs, they habitually flocked to cupcake shops. At one point, Stephanie tweeted about a new cupcake shop across the country that sounded too good to be missed. That Twitter thread got quickly out of hand, and soon Melissa, Stephanie and Laura Mae were making (semi-serious) plans to drive across the country, trying different bakeries and bringing along Rich to film their madcap adventures. Somewhere in the midst of this, Rich started referring to the girls as the Cupcake Ladies, and it stuck.

But it was also decided that Cupcake Ladies didn’t need to be ladies by gender; Rich was equally a part of the group, and very much an official Cupcake Lady.

So when it came time at their first meeting to pick a name they quite naturally became Cupcake Lady Productions. No other options were even discussed.

Each founder wears a cupcake necklace – a gift from Stephanie: green for Laura Mae, purple for Melissa, chrome for Rich, and pink for Stephanie.