Cupcake Lady Productions Presents:

“Michael Is Black”

Part of the Plant Connections Theatre Festivity.
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by Michael Hagins
Michael Hagins, NYC Playwright and Actor, tells us the story of his struggle as a black man, and an artist, through the mouth of charismatic, white actor Michael Rehse. Rehse will Mikesplain how difficult is is to be a black man in America today. A one man show, with two actors.

$18. Teatro LATEA, 107 Suffolk St, Second Floor
For press tickets and inquiries, please contact
June 16 @ 7:00 PM; June 18 @ 1:30 PMJune 22 @ 9:00 PM; June 23 @ 8:45 PM; June 27 @ 9:00 PM; July 1 @ 5:45 PM

Michael Rehse
Michael Hagins
Directed by Laura Mae Baker
Tech team: Melissa Farinelli (Technical Advisor) and Rich Wisneksi (Sound Designer)
PR and Marketing: Michael Rehse, Rich Wisneski, and Laura Mae Baker

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