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Michael Is Black

by Michael Hagins
Michael Hagins, NYC Playwright and Actor, tells us the story of his struggle as a black man, and an artist, through the mouth of charismatic, white actor Michael Rehse. Rehse will Mikesplain how difficult is is to be a black man in America today. A one man show, with two actors.

Michael Rehse
Michael Hagins
Directed by Laura Mae Baker, Produced by Rich Wisneski
Tech team: Melissa Farinelli (Technical Advisor)
PR and Marketing: Michael Rehse, Rich Wisneski, and Laura Mae Baker

Fantastic news! One of our sweeter Cupcakes has won a congeniality award for the Planet Connections Festivity. This news is made, all the more delicious, when paired with “Michael Is Black” winning for “Outstanding Solo Show” at the same festival (food puns quota reached)!

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